There are mid-sized kids at the water park. They are the ones who leap out of the raft at the end of the water slide and walk-run up the stairs to go again. Their parents are slim and fit.

I loved when my kids were that age, when we were a little posse. Our kids were rambunctious, always on the move. People watched us herding our group, and I could feel their admiration. Sometimes I could feel their envy.

I felt that today. I envied what I already had.

I envied the mom holding a crying toddler.

I envied the dad hauling his laughing five-year old by his life jacket.

I envied how some families seem to have their own club, like the people in the club were the only people they would ever need.

My eyes filled up. coming around the corner between the kiddie playground and the river tubing. I’m done with that part of my life. I had my chance. I’m hardly ever sad about the passage of time.

But I was today.