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So Walmart is selling caskets. Why would they not?

When I was growing up, the monthly magazine Chain Store Age sat on our coffee table. Chain Store Age had articles about all the latest merchandising cons. My dad taught me to love a good con like undercutting K-Mart on the price of Aqua-Net and having parakeets and goldfish in our Ben Franklin Store. Mom’ll come in for the hair spray, he told me, or the kids will drag her in to see the birds.

I swear when I read that Walmart is selling caskets, I wanted to spurt out, “More power to ya,” just like my dad, old Roy, would have. Except he wouldn’t because he despised the ‘big guys’ as he called them although when he was in business there really was no Walmart. The big guys or big guy, as it were, was K-Mart. K-Mart the hated…

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