Red's Wrap

Dontre Hamilton was killed by a Milwaukee Police Officer on April 30, 2014, in Red Arrow Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The park is in the center of downtown, across the street from City Hall. It was in the afternoon. A Starbucks employee called the Milwaukee Police Department twice to complain about him sleeping near the park’s arrow sculpture.

Both times officers came to check on him, and after talking to Dontre Hamilton, left him alone and told the Starbucks staff that he was doing nothing wrong and they should stop calling. But the same Starbucks employee who called the first two times decided to call the cell phone of yet another Milwaukee Police Officer.

That officer came to the park, rousted Mr. Hamilton and an altercation ensued. Panicked, the officer shot Dontre Hamilton more than a dozen times, resulting in Mr. Hamilton’s death at the park. The officer, Christopher Manney, was…

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