Red's Wrap

A few days ago, a very good friend who is also an adoptive mom sent me an article entitled “Accepting that Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds,” published in the New York Times.   The thesis of the article, written by a psychiatry professor, was that some kids are just shits.  More to the point, there is not necessarily a direct linear relationship between the quality of the parents and the quality of the ‘product’, ie. the children. 

I knew that.  I’ve seen dreadful kids with (what looked like) great parents and vice versa.  And I have to admit – with my own parenting career being a little rough, to say the least, I indulge in a bit of schadenfreude when I hear about the mishaps of birth children/parents.  That’s awful.  I know it is.  Just once at a party, I’d like somebody to come up to me and…

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