Minnie and BowWow Talk on the Back Porch

The first Minnie and BowWow — two fine dogs trying to sort out the issues of the day.

Red's Wrap

Minnie and BowWow

BowWow: It pisses me off when she finally comes home and then it’s all like hurry up and run outside and pee.

Minnie: You let stuff bother you. It’s okay what she does. She feeds us afterward so who cares?

BowWow: You’d do better if you had some standards and stop acting like everything they do is such a big fucking favor.

Minnie: Well, it is kind of a favor. I was pretty much an orphan when they took me in.

BowWow: Oh, please. Orphan. You stop being an orphan when you grow up which is something you ought to try doing. You know what being an orphan means? Endless fucking gratitude. Alright already. So they took me in. That means I have to bow and scrape for fucking ever?

Minnie: I wish you wouldn’t swear so much.

BowWow:You need to stop being…

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