BowWow: Did you know the lady has twelve fucking pairs of black pants?

Minnie: How do you  know that? You can’t count.

BowWow: I was watching her this morning. One hanger after the other, all over the fucking bed. If it wasn’t twelve, it was like ten or something. A lot. A lot of fucking black pants.

Minnie: Maybe she had trouble making up her mind. People are like that. Too many choices. Sometimes they feel stuck.  I feel sorry for them. Our lives are so simple.

BowWow: I think it’s obscene. Think of all the people in India without pants.

Minnie: What? That’s pretty culturally insensitive.

BowWow: That the people in India don’t have pants or that the lady has 5,000 pants?

Minnie: Never mind. I think all the lady’s pants mean that she’s searching for meaning in her life.

BowWow: Like black pants are like God? That’s some weird shit, Minnie.

Minnie: The new pants are nice. I saw them today. A narrower leg. Very current.

BowWow: Yeah, I heard the man say that she needed to stop wearing Hillary Clinton pants. Give it up, girlie. She lost!

Minnie: It’s not a political thing, BowWow. She’s just trying to update her look. She’s getting on, you know.

BowWow: Yeah, well, the new pants are pull up pants. HAHAHAHAHA Just like in the home, man.

Minnie: It’s a style thing, BowWow. She wants to look sleek. You have to admire her for that. As old as she is, that she is still trying. It’s inspirational.

BowWow: It’s bullshit. Give me a break, it’s pitiful.

Minnie: You can say those mean things but I love her. And she loves us, even you.