Red's Wrap

A powerboat is thrilling.  Thrilling, risky, and nervewracking if you’re a person prone to wracked nerves. Any number of things can go wrong – the boat can fall off the trailer, the car can back too deep into the water at the marina, the battery can go dead, the rotors get chewed up by unseen rocks, the engine stall in the middle of the lake or river or you can get swamped by a wave, or, if your boating companion is in love with speed fast enough to make the boat’s bow slap, slap, slap while jetting across two foot swells, you could simply keel over from a stroke from the dreaded fear of flipping.

I loved the idea of a powerboat and we had a little beauty – a 1989 Bowrider, white with mauve accents, with the original teak trim.  I loved it so much — but it…

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