Red's Wrap

The power of the narrative is incredible. If a story is told often enough, it becomes what people believe. It becomes the truth. It serves as the truth until a new truth emerges but even then most people are resistant to the revision of history, their own or others.

“No, it wasn’t really like that. It was like this.” It can be crazy-making, changing the narrative of one’s country or town or family. Right now I’m reading a book titled Everyday Klansfolk, White Protestant Life and the KKK in 1920s Michigan, in which the author, Craig Fox, uses evidence gathered painstakingly from local newspapers and membership records to make the case that the Klan in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana in the 20’s was really more like the local Elks Club than the vicious white-robed, cross-burning, lynching mobs described in the testimony of thousands of people. A meeker, much less scary…

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