Those of you out there who think aging is a nightmare, you’re only partially right. If you think about it for very long, being older makes you feel like you have a terminal illness, like you only have ten years to live or twenty. It’s not like when you were forty and you figured you had another forty years to live. All the time in the world.

My trick is that I figured out how to live like I have all the time in the world and also live like today is my last day on earth. You wish, right? My deal is whatever happens today, I’m fine with that. So what about Wednesday? This Wednesday. Well.

  • I submitted an essay about going to yoga class to the Royal Nonesuch Writing Contest sponsored by the Mark Twain House and Museum. Would Mark Twain have written about yoga class? I don’t know. The piece made me laugh. I figure if I can’t laugh at my own stuff, why would anyone else?
  • I harvested lettuce from my garden to make a salad for dinner. This is a big deal since in years past my garden, planted with great intentions, would have gone insane already. This year, I am exercising control, vigilance. It is a mature, thoughtful thing that is new to me. I even water, not every day, but sometimes.


  • I am exhausted and bored with protesting. I let friends pick up my banner for a demonstration today. You know, when younger people say, “I can’t even?” I get that. The level of idiocy in Washington – between the President and the Republicans in the Senate and House. I can’t even. Yes, I will renew my zest for this. Don’t lecture.
  • Our son bought us a record player. And so we brought up the first huge stack of albums from the basement, where they’ve sat for thirty years, to play tonight. Gerry Rafferty and Baker Street was first. And then Janis Joplin and Carly Simon. Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Willie Nelson await. Music I haven’t listened to in 30 years. Why? I don’t know why. Because the albums were in the basement. And because we moved on. To where? We’re moving back.


  • The daily apportionment of wine is a lifelong issue. Don’t let anyone kid you about that.

That’s my Wednesday. That’s my five.


5 Photo: Toa Heftiba