Anything Can Happen

Anything can happen.

There is the news and then there is the coping. And the coping can make you wear wool socks and heavy boots in the middle of summer. Or strip you to your underwear and send you skating across paper thin ice. Coping is unpredictable and you can’t pack for it.

If you believe that anything can happen and if history has proven you right, it changes how you look at the world. You learn that lives can change in a split second because of a good decision or a bad one. You learn that you can’t trust anything. The ladder could, in fact, fall on you this very minute.

I’m coming out of an anything can happen experience. And because the anything that happened wasn’t the worst that could happen, I express my gratitude to the world. But in my head, I am jumpy. I fight against it but my mood is one of waiting for the next bad thing. The next crash, the next diagnosis, the ceiling falling in because of a leaky tub, my dog having a convulsion and dying at my feet, someone accidentally shooting me while I drive through town, the boat sinking, the wave overpowering me, a fire burning everything down, leaving nothing but ash and rusty nails. I wait for blood and stitches and pain and handicap.

And I feel sick about this because I am an optimistic person. I look on the bright side. I walk, as they say, on the sunny side. I walk on the sunny side of life.

Today on Facebook, several people posted about a friend who had died. She was a fairly young woman, beautiful, accomplished and just Monday she had been on vacation. She posted pictures of a precious lake sunset and talked about how sad she was to leave that special place. And now, just a few days after her vacation post, she is dead. What happened? I don’t know. I just know this. Anything can happen.

So I have been thinking. Is it just me who has come to this realization that anything can happen? Or does everyone know this? Do people think that anything can happen but only to some people? There are folks who are just plain unlucky. I know that. An observer might think I was one of them since I’ve had more than a few anything can happen experiences. This most recent one, involving my son and a car crash, is not my first rodeo.

I am calm. Oddly so. I go about my day. I do what I can. I look to the future but I don’t bank on it. I’d be a fool to, knowing what I know.


The Daily Post: Disastrous

Photo by Dawn Armfield on Unsplash

5 Comments on “Anything Can Happen

  1. Couldn’t have said it better.

    The ground under you shifts. Tectonically. You know anything can happen, but you don’t really.


  2. The truth is it is true anything can happen to anyone and everyone. If it happens to us only we realise the magninomity of it and if it is to someone we know we give our deepest condolences and if it is big enough to be on news we give our sympathy and otherwise we remain ignorant till it hits us/someone we know.


  3. Death will certainly affect your mindset on coping. The death of a friend’s husband recently has got me thinking again, after another significant death 12 years ago. Things happen to stir you up from time to time.


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