Red's Wrap

Every morning this week has been a test of my ability to find the narrow passageway between two indecisive people that will lead me to the coffee, then to the creamer, then to the cereal or waffle or yogurt or whatever else the free breakfast in our hotel has to offer.

I love free breakfast in hotels because I want to be wealthy and I believe that the road to being wealthy is paved with a series of cheapskate decisions, like opting to decipher the mysteries of the hotel waffle maker and elbowing my way to the hard-boiled eggs instead of waiting for some nice server to bring me an over-priced omelette with jam for my toast in the same wee packet I get at the free breakfast. Orange marmalade, the best.

So, of course, like every free hotel breakfast, there is a replenisher. It is the replenisher’s job to…

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