It’s a few years back but I remember this swim like it was yesterday. The suit – not so much.

Red's Wrap

I love swimming more than a normal person and my friend, Karen, loves swimming more than me. We go to a Master’s swim class together which makes her giddy with joy every week. I like it a lot but never get giddy. I’m her emotional anchor. I can’t afford to go around the bend about a dip, even a fine one.

We have been known to ride down along the lakeshore, be overcome with sweat and fatigue, lock up our bikes on the rack by the concession stand and walk into the water fully clothed. More than once. Swimming with our clothes on – it’s a freedom pact that we have with each other. Hot, sweaty, see a lake? Go in the lake.

I love that about Karen. No one else I know is like her. Everyone else would worry about having to ride home wet or having sand in…

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