Minnie and BowWow Discuss Ennui

BowWow: Tell the lady that I’m bored out of my fucking gourd.

Minnie: You tell her. I’m busy.

BowWow: Busy? You’re laying on the stairs like you’re tripped out on something – you know, like dog grass or LSDog. Get it? LSDog! I never took that stuff but I think the people did. Well, one of them.

Minnie: SShh BowWow. I’m trying to quiet my anxieties. I want to be more contemplative. So I’m going to begin a 10-day silent retreat.

BowWow: That’s fucked up. A. What about barking at stuff outside? And B. What about me? Who’s going to talk to me?

Minnie: I don’t know. Maybe you should make other friends.

BowWow: That’s some cold shit, Minnie.

Minnie: I’m thinking of joining an ashram. And maybe taking a vow of silence and possibly poverty as well.

BowWow: What? Like on Call the Midwife? Have you ever watched that? The nuns in their little house? You kind of have the look already, Minnie. It could work.

Minnie: Life has lost its meaning, BowWow. I need to seek a higher purpose.

BowWow: Oh Jesus Fuck. That’s what this is about. You saw that the lady was reading A Dog’s Purpose. It’s just a book, Minnie. That shit about reincarnation, that ain’t real.

Minnie: I’d like to come back as a horse.

BowWow: Ok. That’s it. I’m going to take a pee on the new rug in the living room and then have a nap under their bed. We can pick this up later. Or not. Not would be ok.

Minnie: Seek not and ye shall be sought. Eat that which is left in the bowl. Fill the silent spaces with your dog breath. Leave the golden calf on the table.

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