Red's Wrap

When our kids were little, we would come home from work, change into bathing suits, grab two longneck Millers, a slew of juice boxes, and a bag of chips and head down to Lake Michigan for ‘cocktail hour.’

We made sure to go after the lifeguards had left lest we get chased away for our glass beer bottles, so our evenings at the lakefront were very late afternoon, sometimes dusk, and often lasted until we saw the lights come on in the big buildings downtown. We’d swim and float, talk about our day, relax, chill. That’s it, we’d chill. When we’d had enough, we’d pile all of our sandy selves into the car and go home and make dinner. That time and place is precious to me.

Today, the two of us – just my husband and I – changed into our suits and headed to Lake Michigan after an…

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