Red's Wrap

Grand Marais Deck (2)

I need me a big old belly laugh. I need a really good, roaring laugh that goes on for a long time. I need a laugh like my daughter and I used to have in the kitchen when she would say something and I would say something and conversation would end because we’d be laughing too hard to talk. We’d quiet down, look at each other and erupt again in laughter. That’s what I need.

I would like something to be insanely funny. Not humorous, not comical, cute or whimsical. But not much qualifies.

Already tending to the dark (I spin like a compass needle in the direction of anything sad, depressing, maudlin; my tank is empty, fill me up with angst), I have to travel extra far to get to where things are funny. And people who might try to bring something funny to me will have to climb…

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