No Waves

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Lately I’ve taken to asking people if they’re happy. We’ll be having a pretty normal conversation and I’ll blurt out, “Are you happy?”

I’m not sure why this has become the question du jour.

Today I was having lunch with a friend and he seemed to me to be not happy and so I asked him the question. As it turns out, there was just a part of his life that he wasn’t happy with but the rest was fine. So the job was a headache and unfulfilling but what he did with the rest of his life was okay. Not fabulous, but reliably okay. He didn’t seem exactly taken aback by the question but did have a look that said, “Is this germane to anything?”

Why are you asking me if I’m happy?

A while ago, a therapist who worked with teenagers told me that the most important question…

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3 thoughts on “No Waves

  1. Jan, as I have had three terminal illnesses in the past 17 years that’s a question lots of people ask me all the time. I always just look at them as if they are mad. The honest answer is I believe my prayers are heard and I’m incredibly lucky. The fun bit is the expression on my drs faces when they don’t know why I’m still alive but can’t accept my answer. Now that really makes me happy! I think God must be giving me an early purgatory or else he wants me to finish my latest detective story because he wants to know who did it. Ciao. Anton

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