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Red's Wrap

Passover and Easter don’t always overlap. It just seems like they do. That seems right since both put so many people in a reflective, rebirth mode. Spring is the start of something. A new chance, new energy, new freedom. I am stronger because it is spring. I feel it. That it is Passover and Easter puts a stamp on it.

I was raised a Methodist but fell down on the story of the Resurrection. This being the linchpin of Christianity put me on the sidelines. I didn’t understand Christianity’s central tenet of Christ dying for our sins. I kept this a secret though since admitting it seemed heretical. It was a given. That I didn’t understand the given seemed more a reflection on me than on the truth. I was one person who didn’t get it amidst millions who did. I wondered how they knew.

As a child, I loved…

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