99 New: Hey! Vote!

VOTE! Because all the people in power right now don’t want you to. VOTE! So other people don’t decide what’s best for you like you’re some little kid. VOTE! So your grandma doesn’t have to come live with you because her Social Security got cut. VOTE! Because all the rich people are voting for folks who will help them get richer. VOTE! Because people got beaten and water-hosed and put in jail to get the right to vote. VOTE! So your aunt can get the treatment she needs for her breast cancer that came back (aka a pre-existing condition). VOTE! So that government starts looking like the people who live in this country. VOTE! So you can be a role model for the younger people who look up to you. VOTE! Because if you don’t vote, nobody in power cares what you think. VOTE! Because YOU are someone with the power to change this country for the better.


This is a piece written for a friend doing voter outreach on a college campus. Feel free to use it to help convince anyone you know to go vote. Early voting is available in many states right now. Now’s the time to set things right!

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