99 New: Beloved Friends

As I listened to the priest describe how former Secretary of State James Baker had rubbed President George H.W. Bush’s feet as he neared death, I wondered to myself, do I have someone who would do this for me?

A wife would do this or a husband. But it is a rare friend who would take such care. Do I have such a friend? Would I be such a friend?

Sitting at the end of a pew at the National Cathedral, James Baker leaned forward and sobbed when the priest told this story. His sorrow took up his whole body and he shook for a long moment thinking of the time he spent holding his friend’s feet while his friend was dying.

I will remember this for a long time.



4 Comments on “99 New: Beloved Friends

  1. The heartfelt tributes to President Bush remind us of a kinder, gentler time….not that long ago.


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