New Year’s Eve

I’m mindful at the end of this year that I could be bereaved, attending support groups and drinking weak coffee in a paper cup with powdered creamer, cracking the wood stirrer into fourths to hold in my hand while I wish I could erase everything that happened that was out of my control as everything is before and after but instead I am here drinking champagne and waiting for the ball to drop in New York, not worried about catastrophe because catastrophe passed me over like the Angel of Death’s blackness gliding by a house protected by an ancient mezuzah, the words on its scroll tiny and faded but spelling out saved and redemption and gratitude.

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Garry Armstrong

    Jan, thank you for the reminder to appreciate what we have and not dwell on what we don’t have – a tendency we have in our retired years as we moan about “what did we work for?”
    Jan — it’s been a privilege meeting you. Thanks for the support as I went for the cochlear implant surgery. It’s certainly brightened my and Marilyn’s lives.
    Happy New Year!!


  2. Jan, this post marks the conclusion of a great year for you. I liked how the Journal Sentinel pronounced you to be a “specialist in poverty issues.”* Being a specialist is a good thing, and it seems to me that if you are to be a specialist in something that’s a great choice.

    And I assume this post also marks the completion of your meeting Howard’s challenge to make “99 new posts” by the end of 2018. I think I speak for your other followers when I say we find your posts to be very inspirational, and keep up the good work in 2019—although I don’t think you need to feel you must keep up this pace and so make 365 new posts in 2019. Treat yourself to a day or two off!


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