These are Some Mean Times

We dumped our investment advisor because he loved Donald Trump.

Oh, there was more to it than that. Somehow, he felt emboldened to send me a nasty, untruthful meme about Barack Obama during the 2016 election. It was so out of character I figured someone had hijacked his account.

But no, it was him. He defended himself even after I pointed out how his meme was factually incorrect (as if facts matter). And then he went on to explain how Trump’s election would be fabulous for all of us.

We’d known this guy for a long time. Trusted him with some pretty important decisions and certainly a lot of information. We had invested years in our professional relationship with him but it was finished in mere minutes. Done, just completely done.

There was no way we were going to do business with him anymore. That’s how immediate and extreme our reaction was. And that was before we even knew how epically bad Trump would be as president.

Now, I’m not sure I could even carry on a conversation with someone who still supports Trump. And that’s not good. We used to be able to overlook someone being a Democrat or Republican. Heck, we figured all stockbrokers were Republicans, focused completely on making money and minimizing taxes. We were down with that even though when we aren’t talking investments we are on the far left of the political spectrum.

So we straight up asked the next investment guy if he voted for Trump. We now had a litmus test and there was only one right answer. A yes with an explanation wouldn’t work. This was a yes or no question, the upshot of which might have been stuffing our money in the mattress.

It hasn’t stopped there. I just can’t fathom someone still supporting Trump and, as unpleasant and closed-minded as it seems, I can’t knowingly do business with a Trump supporter. I will cross the street, find another gas station, find a different store, change my own oil if I have to but come at me with anything with the slightest whiff of MAGA and I will have to go.

And it’s not one-sided. Oh no, don’t think that it’s only liberals who are drawing their lines in the sand. The MAGA folks are doing the same only they’re louder and not so discreet. Don’t get me started.

It’s kind of crazy if you think about it, that we basically can’t even stand to look at each other. Let’s hope it’s just a moment in time.

10 Comments on “These are Some Mean Times

  1. Tip of the hat to your tolerance. If I even suspect someone voted for him (and I haven’t been wrong yet), I pretty much write them off. The obligatory nod or wave is all I can manage.

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    • I don’t know how tolerant I am. I keep wanting to send big bags full of newspaper clippings to our ex-investment advisor and CANNOT wait until Trump is impeached or convicted in which case I may have to rent one of those electronic signs to park out front of his office. Neon, flashing.


  2. My Nonprofit Advocacy & Public Policy professor is former Governor Scott McCallum, a very sharp man, but a staunch Republican then and now – went as far as to call Trump’s State of the Union “masterful”. Hard to reconcile his call to be non-biased in approaching sources and the impact of 45 on nonprofits.

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  3. I am feeling pretty much the same way. I wish my cousin hadn’t told me she was for Trump because I have been close to her since we were small children. Now I wonder if she is really that stupid and uninformed. I just don’t understand what is going on and I have never had a litmus test, but…

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