The Winds of Change

For years, the guy next door had a sticker on his car that said, “Resistance is Futile.” And then one day, he had a new sticker that said, “Resistance is NOT Futile.”

And I always wondered what had transpired that convinced him that his first sticker was wrong and needed to be replaced. Even if he couldn’t find an updated sticker, he could’ve Sharpie’d in NOT on his old sticker. Why stand for a completely inaccurate statement of your philosophy on your car?

I’d ask him about this but we have very limited communication, mostly nods and an occasionally hello. Our conversational life evaporated after he doomed our giant maple tree to the log pile after complaining to city officials that a bad storm could make the tree fall on his house. “The tree would not only have to fall but take flight to hit his house,” one city forester said. But liability concerns won out and our 80 year old tree was sawed down limb by limb. I sat on the porch and watched the whole thing.

We could have resisted, tied one or both of us to our beloved tree’s trunk and refuse to dodge the giant saws but we both knew resistance was futile, mostly because we’d read it every day on the back of our neighbor’s car and it had, unbeknownst to us become part of our world view, our resignation to all things foul and unfair, and then he changed his mind and said resistance wasn’t futile and we didn’t know what to think except by then it was too late to save our tree.

One Comment on “The Winds of Change

  1. A sad but funny tale. I have a keen sense of how irrational our thinking is but have little ability to overcome.


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