Life is a Blur

I have cataracts, just like my old dogs who are dead now but not from cataracts, from other things that happen at the same time like extreme old age which I don’t have yet but I’m working on it, the cataracts giving me a hint of what is to come, the blurring of everything valuable into one big colorful stew like the lights on the San Diego freeway a few days ago where I resolved to drive like I lived there so I punched the gas going down the ramp and merged like a Las Vegas dealer hides the Ace of Hearts in a deck of cards he’s shuffling for tourists from Des Moines, the turn signal on my rented red car clicking like a timer, there is only so much time, I tell myself, make the most of it.

3 Comments on “Life is a Blur

  1. Life, and vision take on a whole new meaning when you say goodbye to those cataracts. The first few days after surgery, everything was so bright and crisp and clear. I knew that I couldn’t see well before, but holy cow- was I shocked at just how bad it had been. Good luck Jan!

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      • Jan, I also had the cataract surgery done a few years ago. I’d reached the point — with the bad hearing and the blurred vision. Had to do it. So happy with the results. Long range vision, as Marilyn puts it, like a fighter pilot. Still need glasses for the computer and small, detail stuff — like the contents in a can when shopping. Don’t need glasses for driving or watching television. I can see the small crawls clearly. You’ll love it. Please keep us in the loop. Best of luck.

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