The Beltway

The funniest words I have ever heard are these.

“Hold this. My pants are falling down.”

I know because I just laughed all the way around the block remembering the panic and peril in the utterer’s voice, the great sense of urgency, the many eyes of the neighbors focused on us, two people, two dogs and two leashes. It was several years ago but it seems like yesterday.

Thinking of this, like I have dozens of times, I had to cover my mouth laughing because I tend to be a loud laugher and being an older loud laugher just attracts the diagnosticians so I quieted myself down. Still, it’s hysterical, even thinking about it right now. Oh my. “Hold this. My pants are falling down.”

The person who originally uttered these moving words (so to speak) was walking around the block with me. He was bemused by my enjoyment of this shared memory but not laughing outright which he rarely does anyway.

He was wearing a belt though, I will say that.

6 Comments on “The Beltway

  1. Phrases like this “…being an older loud laugher just attracts the diagnosticians….” make me weep with joy (and a pinch of envy) at your sharp observations, Jan. Another wonderful post.

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  2. I savor these types of memories that have been remember with out loud laughter. I have several from my lifetime. Thanks for the fun read, Jan.


  3. Love this. Reminds me of telling my sister
    “My master closet is out of control!”., when I
    Needed her organizational skills in purging old clothes , hangers, pictures, etc. Our laughter was bladder-bursting!!And that statement has now become a euphemism for us both., when life is unbearable.

    Thank you!!!

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