Day 1 of However Many – Passing

My parents are buried on a hill in a small town cemetery one state away where it is always cool and green even while the rest of the world is parched and rough, the trees casting shadows all day long from different angles so the grass on their graves looks like jewelry sparkling in candlelight, the dampness from the shade encouraging moss to grow on their names, tiny threads of green in the letters which I scrape off with a cloth and sometimes my fingernail, not wanting their names to be obscured or anyone to think their graves are neglected or that they have been forgotten which would be far from the truth although there is always that risk as time passes, but a risk lessened now that my daughter has gone there and done the things I would do including maybe wishing there had been more time.

One thought on “Day 1 of However Many – Passing

  1. Is their gravesite comforting to you? I have so many friends comforted by a loved one’s grave but I am not. It makes me feel further from them than I do when I somehow fancy their spirits are around, keeping watch . . .

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