I’m Grateful…

That we caught Swirl after he chewed up Howard’s favorite little flashlight but before he could destroy my stapler.

That much of my family ascribes to the practice of going out and coming back in again as a way to deal or not deal with disagreements.

That my brother didn’t hold the passage of unvisited time against me.

That I decided that I didn’t have to know everything about the past and that what I knew was enough to live with.

That I can get a complicated dinner on the table with four people standing and talking in my kitchen and two large dogs asleep on the floor.

That the backdrop for our Thanksgiving dinner was a stack of boxes filled with donated menstrual supplies for homeless people and that I learned to say homeless people instead of homeless women because not all people who menstruate are women.

That my husband is about to wrap up a spectacular run as the founder and director of a great nonprofit organization which means road trips and dogs and work, still work, but no more 9 to 5 and it’s wonderful to contemplate.

That Punchy is a good boy, still very smelly, but a very good boy.

That there is always something new and interesting to sign up for even if I sour on the idea later and don’t go; every day I can be something different if I want to be and that is pretty swell.

That they still make bar soap because nothing feels as good as a new bar of soap in the shower and besides, I wash my face with soap.

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