Ring In

If you don’t ring the bell, no one is going to let you in.

You can wish all you want, rail against the injustice of the locked door, commiserate with all your locked-out friends, none of that will matter. The door will stay locked until you ring the bell.

But it isn’t easy ringing the bell. You have to walk up to the house, stand on the porch, and push the button. And then you have to wait. The waiting can be murder, all the thinking about having made a mistake, being in the wrong place, not knowing what to say if a person answers the door. The self doubt can make you run back to your car and peel off down the street.

But the people who change things, the ones who are heard and heeded, they don’t think twice. If a door is closed to them, they ring the bell. And tap their foot waiting for an answer. They insist.

Watch them, the insisters, and do what they do. Ring in.

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