The Mystery of Punchy’s Rankness

We’ve been puzzling over it, Punchy’s rankness, figuring at first that it was the accumulation of eleven years in the dog yard with all the spit and mud and rolled-in dead things that might have fallen from the trees or been passed dog to dog down the line, but then we took him to a fancy groomer who gave him a bath and sent him home with a bow, and, yes, he does still smell lovely, depending on where you’re standing but every now and then a whiff of something unlovely catches you in the face like the deep sick odor of the inside of the trash can when you look in it right after the garbagemen come, but it wasn’t until today when my husband saw Punchy’s footprints in pile after pile of his leavings in the backyard that we solved the mystery of Punchy’s rankness.

6 Comments on “The Mystery of Punchy’s Rankness

  1. Ah, the joys of male dogs!
    My boy dog likes to wee on the plants or ground and then rub himself on it, and then he comes inside and rubs himself on the lounge chairs or my clean clothes pile on those chairs. We don’t have any faece rollers. They prefer to eat those.


  2. I thought you were going to discover bad teeth or a sinus infection. But dogs like the taste of some really horrible things. I bet they wonder why WE don’t like them.


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