Use the Big Ladle Friday Roundup

I took control of my hair this week. The realization that my hair was accelerating my fade into oblivion had me texting my hairdresser late Monday night. Short, very short, and color, and my brows, my brows are a mess. And when I got there on Wednesday, she looked at me like a therapist would for about five seconds and then she started mixing up the paint. I felt like you do when you take a beloved car to a good mechanic and he props open the hood and you sit behind the wheel and think, “Man, my car’s gonna be fine.

Punchy got a certificate. Which is pretty remarkable especially for an old dog. It was for bravery under anesthesia. Yes, Punchy has kind of lost his punch. But he didn’t need it anyway. That ship has sailed as they say in the mushing world. Maybe he already has descendants, I don’t know, Punchy Juniors who are also tough dogs but don’t know what they’re doing. I would love all of their little scrappy, confused selves. But, oh well.

My day started off with reading about how Trump called the Joint Chiefs of Staff “dopes and babies.” Great writing from Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post about a meeting planned by Defense Secretary Mattis and Secretary of State Tillerson early in the administration, the goal being to tactfully fill some of the lacunae in Trump’s brain where knowledge about countries and history ought to be. Tillerson turns out to be a hero for standing up for everyone because, of course, military people can’t talk back to the Commander in Chief. So there it is, the most powerful generals in the country hung their heads and kept their mouths shut. Confidence inspiring.

I am writing two federal grant proposals at the same time. This is something I’ve not done before but it seems to be working out okay. There are both benefits and drawbacks to being an extremely linear thinker and I’m discovering all of them right now. This is what my desk looks like.

The most impressive thing I witnessed this week was this giant pan of scalloped potatoes and ham. I have kind of an unusual fascination with the preparation of big food, how to make food for a lot of people that tastes good and smells amazing. This was just one of five pans of scalloped potatoes and ham that were put together using canned potatoes and cheese donated by a food bank, ham left over from a banquet, and mushroom soup from God’s stash, all put together to make 140 meals for homeless people who are visited on Street Angels’ outreach. I was the scalloped potatoes and ham slinger, putting a huge helping into each Styrofoam container. It was the most useful thing I did all week.

3 Comments on “Use the Big Ladle Friday Roundup

  1. I love the catchup. as for the hair and brightened up look, we all have to do that every so often, and it looks great. )


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