Our Day Was This

Our day was snow and dogs.

Our day was taking dozens of pictures.

Our day was watching teams come trotting out of the trees up the hill we were standing on.

Our day was seeing dogs fed and tended and bedded down for a nap after running forty miles.

Our day was watching handlers love their dogs.

Our day was also watching a musher embark on a 300 mile sled dog race in January in Minnesota wearing jeans and a hoodie. But no picture.

Our day was also sharing a piece of apple maple pecan pie at Judy’s Diner in Two Harbors, Minnesota. But no picture.

Our day was also getting stuck on the side of a hill in snow up to our butts and having a very nice man pull us out. But no picture.

We needed to have this day. A day where we paid attention to nothing but what was right in front of us. I hadn’t realized how rare a day like this is until we got back into Duluth and our phones reconnected to the rest of the world. And we heard the tragic news of Kobe Bryant and his daughter and his friends on the helicopter and the news of John Bolton and his ‘leaked’ book draft that, of course, confirms everything everyone has said about the president’s ugly dealings.

We had ourselves a pristine day, I guess that’s what I’m saying. We lived someplace simple for a little while. It was lovely. But now we’re back.

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