Meeting Michael Douglas

I went to a meet and greet today to meet and greet Michael Douglas who had flown to Wisconsin from L.A. on behalf of Michael Bloomberg.

The meet and greet was in a couple’s house, an unpretentious place, with boxes of Starbucks coffee on the kitchen table along with Danish in plastic bags. It was friendly and homey like a PTA meeting (I think. I never actually went to one.)

For once, I was early so I was able to score one of two remaining seats in the living room while the later-comers stood crowded in the dining room and kitchen. I wouldn’t say I was all atwitter but it was pretty cool when Michael Douglas came through the door.

He is one very good looking guy. He is 75 and looks it, but he is, what we would say in Detroit, so fine. “He’s so fine….do lang, do lang, do lang.”

He made a great case for Michael Bloomberg – many stories, very personal, but also spot on in terms of progressive values and just a very high level of competence. I put my phone in my lap while he talked, hoping that he might look me in the eye. Still I got this picture.

Afterward there was picture taking with the fans. I was intense without being ridiculous, focused would be a better word. I was focused on getting to the front of the line. Then he decided we should all go outside where there was more room so the line reformed putting me back several people. So, I said to myself – you already have pictures of Michael Douglas. You don’t have to have your picture taken with him.

Yes. I do.

How am I going to leave without getting a picture with Michael Douglas? That would be insane.

So I took my triple chin and my musk ox fur smoke ring and walked up to meet him.

And then we posed for a picture. Except right when we were posing someone to his left asked him a question so we stood there for a full minute, posed. What I am saying here is that Michael Douglas’ hand was on my back for a full minute like we were pals at a cocktail party except I didn’t say anything except that I was astonished to be meeting him. I couldn’t have been more of a goonball.

But I did get a really good picture out of all of it. Along with several bumper stickers, three buttons, and a decision on who I’m supporting in the Democratic primary. So, it was quite a little afternoon.

10 Comments on “Meeting Michael Douglas

  1. That must have been very cool. I am a South African, and we have nothing remotely like that in our country. Our politics are pretty abrasive and unpleasant.


      • Jan, Congrats. I love your story as much as you enjoyed meeting Michael Douglas and getting TWO (?) pics with him. I know how hard that is to do. Did he mention his Dad at all?


      • Yes – he talked about his dad quite a bit – his burial had been the day before. He joked about getting his dad an IPad to Facetime family members and how it became a ‘nightmare bc his dad didn’t have a lot to do besides calling all of them’ – all very lovingly related.


  2. VERY cool 😀 Depending on who I’m meeting, I usually lose the power of speech and just babble. I’m always impressed when someone can say something that isn’t gobbledygook in the presence of someone from Up There. and the second picture of the two of you is fabulous!!

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