Dog Dream

In honor of the Westminster Dog Show and the lives we could have led and still might.

Red's Wrap


My husband is lobbying for a third dog.

This, along with a new set of tweeds and a tin of biscuits, will put us on the road to our dream life being reenactors of the characters in All Creatures Great and Small, the PBS series inspired by Yorkshire veterinarian James Herriot’s lovely books. We would need to have a cat flicking its tail over our sugar bowl and maybe a wee herd of pigs in the yard and we’d have it. Doors slamming, phones ringing, calves being born in the middle of the night, a great littering of dogs everywhere, barking, scampering through the house and down the lane, hubbub, we would have a lot of hubbub.

We would have good physical work saving all the big and little animals from sickness and death and we would wear rubber farm boots up to our knees and hike the moors, always…

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