2,000 Rocks

For a person who can’t seem to water plants regularly, I’ve kept this blog going an amazingly long time.

This right here is my 2,000th post. In 10 years. Yes, some of them were repeats – why not re-air a good piece that no one read? But most were new. Not all were fabulous but a several were. Not all had an impact but some did. I’m glad for what I write, happy that I have this place to put words on a page, glad that, on any given day, I can be a poet or a short story writer or a political commentator, no one can stop me.

I do the writing and I push the button. I love that. It’s the best.

It feels like a cairn one might find on the beach, where someone has taken the time to see how each rock can be balanced on the one before it. And you imagine that person sitting at the water’s edge, handling each rock, looking at it, its smooth side, its lumpy side, and then placing it where it will fit and where it can hold up what comes next. And all of the rocks are different – they’re not bricks, after all – and so making a cairn is very tricky, as much luck in rocks as skill in stacking.

That’s what it takes to build a blog, I guess. That, and not quitting.

Happy 2000th to me!

10 Comments on “2,000 Rocks

  1. And I have loved so many of these 2,000 posts! Congratulations. Have you read a book called ‘Cairns: Messengers in Stone’ by David B. Williams? Non-fiction little book that’s very interesting, and the author has a great sense of humor.

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  2. Congratulations – keep going! I look forward to your posts. And I enjoyed your pic of the stones cairn – very appropriate for a blog.


  3. Happy 2,000th! And thank you again for the great pleasure you give us with your fabulous writing.
    I am one of those enjoying your re-postings, having only discovered you more recently.
    I trust this milestone rock will be duly celebrated with cake and wine!


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