Hard to Please

Just because I read it again and thought it was funny….

Red's Wrap

Apologizing in advance for what one has cooked for dinner is so feeble. I hate it. Never apologize! Take no prisoners! Bring me echoes of every man I have known, on a platter, with parsley.

I explained to my husband who usually cooks on Saturday night but acceded the pot roast to me since it had so few ingredients, none exotic or requiring long trips to dusty grocery stores in weird parts of town, no Indian spice available only in a 20 lb. bag or husks from plants not seen on this continent in 200 years, a boring endeavor not worthy of his skill, that the pot roast needed more time which I’d lost track of drinking too much white wine and watching funny cat videos with my eight-year old granddaughter in the kitchen.

I often find the job of being a role model dull and without reward.

While drinking…

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