Today’s Gratitude Journey

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

I’m glad I’m not running for office, glad I don’t have to explain away my first boyfriend who belonged to the John Birch Society and drove a Jeep and tried to teach me to scuba dive which I couldn’t learn because I panicked in the deep murky water of the quarry where we dove, or the time when I or another boyfriend, I don’t remember which, both of us drunk beyond seeing, drove my VW Bug on the sidewalk in front of my house, the tires hugging each side of the sidewalk just as neat as you please, or my catting around in ways unmentionable by a woman of my stature and age, and the countless eruptions and instances of inappropriate behavior, extreme talk, arguments, taking leave of my children and responsibilities to indulge myself, oh God, yes, I am so glad I’m not running for office.

One Comment on “Today’s Gratitude Journey

  1. Yup: I can relate to this post. I seldom speak of my wild past, and I think people who know me now, would be left wide eyed and slack jawed … but the Past is best left alone, where it belongs. Tucked away and forgotten.


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