Minnie and BowWow: BowWow Feels the Bern

I’m sorry. I had to. Tonight’s debate made me do it.

Red's Wrap

IMG_4798BowWow: I’m feelin’ the Bern, Minnie. You need to get with it.

Minnie: No thanks. I don’t think dogs have any place in politics.

BowWow: You serious? That’s all there is in politics. Dogs. Small dogs. Big dogs. Yippy dogs. Sleeping dogs. Though they lie and that’s not good.

Minnie: Sleeping dogs don’t lie, BowWow. They lie. Or as you would say, “let sleeping dogs lay.”

BowWow: Whatever. Bernie’s gonna make everything right. Number one, he’s gonna deal with universal vet care so I can get that $2,000 surgery on my leg instead of limping around taking stupid baby aspirin. As if. You know? I deserve better.

Minnie: Okay. Well, there’s the small matter of who pays the bill for your big hip surgery. I heard on Paws 360 that it could cost billions to pay for vet care for all the dogs…

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