Swirl’s Chewed Things: Introduction


I’d like to introduce myself.

I am Swirl. I chew things.

But please know, I am more than what I chew.

The books and towels and dog beds, the blankets and insurance papers and pens, the rugs and curtain rods and wicker baskets, the gardening gloves and dresser knobs and bags of dirt – they don’t define me.

I am Swirl.

Yesterday, I was asked to be a guest blogger on Red’s Wrap. I didn’t know what to make of such a request so I told them I needed to sleep on it.

I think they’re offering blogging as a constructive alternative to chewing the laundry basket. It’s as if they’ve marked me as big and dumb, like I’d fall for writing as a way to get attention versus time-proven door and dresser damage. Did I tell you that when I pulled the drawer out of the little dresser and it crashed on the floor and everything fell out that there was an old screwdriver set in a case that opened if you pulled the latch just right and then you could pull out all the tiny screwdrivers and they would go in your blanket? You can’t eat them though because they are steel. I don’t eat steel.

I’m not sure about this writing thing but I do have stories to tell. About chewed things certainly and other things, too.

6 Comments on “Swirl’s Chewed Things: Introduction

  1. Loved the shift to Swirl persona. So precious POV, new alter-ego. Love both insightful voices. Wonderful.


  2. Swirl, some dogs dig holes, others bark…all the time. May I suggest you try yoga to help channel your stress chewing into a more meditative state.
    You are probably already a natural for the downward facing dog pose. Perhaps you and Jan can attend a class together…

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  3. Some dogs outgrow it. Tinker grew into it. She only stole things as a puppy, but as she got older, her destructive abilities advanced with her age. By her 10s, she could remove the guts of a remote control device in one or two seconds … and in the time it took us to go to the kitchen and get something to drink, do in at least three devices and still look completely innocent when we returned. She had real talent. I still have some of her best-chewed devices saved in case I ever get to writing about dawgz.


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