Anything Can Happen

This post from 2017 seemed to fit my mood today to a T.

Red's Wrap

Anything can happen.

There is the news and then there is the coping. And the coping can make you wear wool socks and heavy boots in the middle of summer. Or strip you to your underwear and send you skating across paper thin ice. Coping is unpredictable and you can’t pack for it.

If you believe that anything can happen and if history has proven you right, it changes how you look at the world. You learn that lives can change in a split second because of a good decision or a bad one. You learn that you can’t trust anything. The ladder could, in fact, fall on you this very minute.

I’m coming outof an anything can happen experience. And because the anything that happened wasn’t the worst that could happen, I express my gratitude to the world. But in my head, I am jumpy. I fight against it…

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