The Other Side of the Street

From across the street, I can see the rabbi’s ironing board. It is right in front of his second story bedroom window, the iron parked, waiting for the next wrinkled shirt. I’ve never seen the rabbi ironing although I have seen him davening in the other window. When I see the rabbi davening, he is wearing a prayer shawl and holding a book. He rocks back and forth. He is praying.

Like the other Orthodox rabbis in the neighborhood, the davening rabbi wears a white shirt, a black suit, and a black hat every day. He never varies in his attire unless it is high summer and he is mowing the lawn. Then he might take his jacket off and hang it over his porch railing.

I used to regard the rabbi’s constant suit wearing as odd, figured that he must be uncomfortable wearing a suit all the time but I have come to realize that he would be uncomfortable if he wasn’t wearing a suit. This is a lesson I’ve applied in many other areas of life. The opposite of what I presume about other people is usually the truth.

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2 Comments on “The Other Side of the Street

  1. Nicely written – you had me at the rabbi’s ironing board! Now, that’s not something you hear about in everyday conversation.

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