Yesterday, I did a little yoga with a local teacher online and within seconds was thinking of this experience. Such a cavernous space between how we see ourselves and how we really are.

Red's Wrap

In the photo, the beautiful, young woman is doing a headstand on the beach, her legs arranged like the wings of a mythical bird. In my mind’s eye, I see myself there, hands in the sand, seeing the world upside down and being at total peace.

So in order to get my real world to jibe with my cracked internal version of reality, I went to a yoga class today. It was the first time in forty years.

They weren’t doing this the headstand that I saw in the photo, but close.

There was a throng of people at the community center, like spring break on a Florida beach. They sat on their yoga mats peeling off their socks. “Am I not supposed to wear socks?” I had hiking socks on, nice and warm, but right away, I saw that they were shedding big pills of wool the way socks will…

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One Comment on “Balance

  1. OMG did you describe every exercise class I’ve ever gone to perfectly! I hated yoga for years but did take it up in an effort to gain flexibility and balance as I entered my 60’s. I don’t hate it anymore, mostly because I avoid the head stands and look for workouts that are therapy related – one for knee pain, hips, lower back, sinuses – there is one for anything that is bothering me. Stay well if not stylishly outfitted in exercise garb.

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