Bright Side

I couldn’t figure out where to get a haircut.

When I was first divorced, so many years ago, I got stuck on this. I also lost the capacity to return the glass soda bottles to the grocery and change light bulbs. Those were things I could physically do but I hadn’t done them for so long, it seemed inconceivable to do them. So the bottles stacked up in their cases in the back hall and the lights went out one by one.

I remember deciding one night to have my eight-year old daughter cut my hair. My hair was very long, down my back, and it bothered me greatly that there were split ends. Split ends were a big thing then and one didn’t want to have them. So I handed her our only pair of scissors and we went in the bathroom where she stood on the rim of the bathtub while I stood facing the mirror.

All she had to do was to cut straight across. Which she did remarkably well but at a slight angle. Somewhat more than slight. But it wasn’t her fault. I had no business asking an eight-year old to cut my hair, to put that responsibility on her only because I couldn’t figure out where to get my hair cut.

I thought of that time tonight when I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair, always very, very short, was growing in a way that could no longer be coaxed into a longer facsimile of my normal look. I have clippers – new ones that work beautifully – but it is unfathomable to me to cut my own hair or, worse, have the other adult in the house do it. Nor am I ready to go to my hairdresser of twenty years, maybe sometime but not soon.

So I am stuck again but there is no stack of soda bottles waiting to be returned and so far all the lights are on.

6 Comments on “Bright Side

  1. Hey, one good thing that will come out of this mess! Nobody will hold it against their family members for not being competent barbers. But for those (I am one!) who have found that they have family members who ARE competent barbers, this can nicely increase our appreciation of our loved ones.

    I do have a slight ethical dilemma, though. My family barber is not only competent, I found she is better than my regular barber, who I assume is desperate to once again get work. So do I continue to get my haircuts at home?


  2. I had Jim cut my hair because I can cut hair and I don’t think it is that difficult. I figured I could walk him through it. The top and sides are short and I did some work on them so all my hairs are the same length, mostly – but the back is long and I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe we will give it a fourth try. I wouldn’t be this brave but I don’t go anywhere for anyone to see me so I opt for comfort, not beauty.


    • You have always seemed like a very can-do person. Still, I’m impressed. I have another friend who gave herself essentially a buzz cut and it really looks great. I’m not there yet but…..


      • I would love to do a buzz, but… On the other hand those of us over 65 still have a long time before we can relax and be social. I’m figuring it could be another year. Depressing.


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