Hand Sliced

Regrets? I guess everybody has them.

Red's Wrap

“So what would you say are your big regrets in life?”

I asked my husband this, knowing what my line would be. I’d been thinking about it and appreciating how cute and funny it was all day long. We were sitting on our deck, looking out over Lake Superior, a setting made for deep, contemplative conversations.

He pondered. He gazed at the lake. Then focused on his coffee as if there were tiny words floating around, hints about his important regrets. It worried me, how seriously he was taking my question. I figured he’d throw it off, claim he had no regrets and then quickly ask me, “what are your regrets?”

And then he started. He listed his regrets as if for an entrance exam at a big university. Not being bilingual. Making a big mistake at work. Second-guessing decisions about our children. Finally, after he’d rattled off a dozen…

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