Tuesday Night Watching FaceBook Live of the March four blocks from my home

The dogs are unsettled, one of them frightened and not himself, finally curling in the corner. The thunder and lightening have moved out over the lake but nothing seems done. It’s as if the storm could turn back to strike more fear. Anything can happen.

The marches during the day are peaceful but at night turn rough, mostly, it seems, because the police change their ways in the dark and maybe see things that go bump more than we might imagine.

I am not marching although I want to be. There are too many people. My existence the past three months has been focused on making no mistakes. Being in a crowd with hundreds of people, masked or not, screams mistake to me. So I have to be present and contribute in other ways.

With others, I am working on making sure older adults vote in the Presidential election. Right now, Biden has a 17% lead over Trump among older adults. We need to make sure those older adults are registered and able to vote. Trump needs to be beaten by a landslide so if you are able, join or financially support a voter registration/turn-out effort in your community. This election can have no bystanders.

I am so grateful right now for the spirit and stamina of young people. They just won’t quit. It’s beautiful to watch.

3 Comments on “Tuesday Night Watching FaceBook Live of the March four blocks from my home

  1. Jan, YAY for you in getting people involved in the voting process. THAT, I fervently hope, is how we will get our revenge, peace of mind and hope for the future. I share a perhaps juvenile fantasy of Donzo being led out in handcuffs or huffily walking out of Oval Office.

    Jan, it must be a tad scary (?) to live so close to the protests. I’d worry about people running, scattering onto your street with your home in harm’s way as law enforcement chase protesters.

    During my working days, I recall neighborhoods seemingly safe from “the action” suddenly in the bullseye of turmoil. Just thinking of your personal safety, Jan.


    • We are okay. The protests here have grown in size but have been very peaceful. After dark, though, the police seem to get very aggressive. There are also pockets of looting on commercial strips but pretty isolated. Behavior of the police has not been good – unprovoked arrests, tear gas, just unnecessary aggression. Adds fuel to the flame, for sure. But like every American city, we have issues. Big ones.


  2. I, too, would love to join the march and am cheering on the young people from in front of my TV. Good idea to support get-out-the-vote activities in my community.


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