Muddling Around Friday Round-Up

Our police chief today compared public scrutiny of his department’s performance to a crucifixion. So that’s sort of our starting point in terms of police-community relations here in River City.

The giant bush in front of our house is blooming. I used to struggle to trim this bush every year until I realized that not trimming it meant I could quit worrying about curtains or drapes or whatever. We just hide behind the bush.

I could’ve gotten my hair cut today but I crapped out. I told the stylist – who was willing to do a haircut outside – that I wasn’t ready to venture out. I feel like a hundred-year old turtle, inert on the beach, peering out at the sunshine, and shuddering.

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, D.C., is the ballsy, smart, fearless friend we all wish we had in high school. To have written on 16th Avenue, a street, running right into the White House, in 50′ high yellow letters BLACK LIVES MATTER, letters so big they can be seen from space, well, that is some gorgeous shade.

Every day, we go to the Runway Dog Park knowing that if it is at all pleasant out, we will see this vista. Vistas are so important to people, to look off into the distance and not have to run your eyes up against an office building or traffic light, to just be alone and wave your arms.

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