Negativity Rocks

We’re two very negative people.

The State of Wisconsin says so. Our tests for COVID-19 came back negative.

We sat at the kitchen table last Friday talking about who we’d seen and when, whether there was any chance we could’ve gotten infected with COVID-19, him rolling his eyes, me thinking about every time I came within six feet of someone without a mask, and we decided to get in the truck and drive down to the testing site.

We had no symptoms, not of COVID anyway. I had a lot of symptoms of “COVID anxiety” which, I think, should become a whole new field of psychological inquiry. So, we waited in line with maybe twenty cars in front of us, had very nice National Guard members ask us a few questions and then got swabbed. And then drove off, oddly feeling like a million bucks.

I knew I didn’t have it. But it’s nice to have a lab tell me that I’m right.

Now I can focus on other things. Like how to re-record an essay “slower” per the instructions from the public radio producer. And how to accept the fact that another essay I wrote for a contest which didn’t win shouldn’t have because the ending was for shit. And how to stop shaking my head at the Supreme Court for acting like birth control isn’t basic health care. And how to appreciate that my new head band makes me look remarkably like Keith Richards. Another day in the life.

4 Comments on “Negativity Rocks

  1. How did you find a testing site? What was the cost? Did Medicare cover the test? How long did it take for results?


    • Hi – The Wisconsin National Guard is running two major drive-thru testing sites in Milwaukee. The testing is free – results come in 3 to 5 days. We took the test on Friday, got results Wednesday but it was also July 4th weekend. I know CVS and Walgreen’s also do testing by appointment – I think those are self-swabs but not sure – and there would be a charge. The time between test and results is a problem but they’re doing the best they can.


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