We Had Fish Tofu, Did You? Friday Round-Up

Republicans in Wisconsin are quickly gearing up to rip those life-saving masks right off our faces. Our Democratic governor super slow-walked a mask mandate, finally took the leap yesterday, and within seconds, Republican “leaders’ announced their plan to convene a special legislative session to get rid of masks. Never mind that the suburbs are blowing up with COVID-19, forget about kids having to wade through COVID-19 swamps to get to school in a few weeks, and, for sure, never you mind about grandma. She’s got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, anyway, right? I hate Republicans. I used to be open-minded but that door just slammed shut for good. Dead to me.

I want to enter a humor writing contest on the topic of sisters but all my stories about my sister are grim and distressing. You can’t think of a single funny thing about your sister? No exploits? No big family jokes? Nope. That’s depressing. But I’m thinking this might be more my bent than my sister’s sourness. The essay and audio I sent to the local public radio station weeks ago after going back and forth with the producer to improve the recording has yet to be aired. It occurs to me that it’s too bleak and that I need to stop writing stuff that makes listeners want to drive their cars into phone poles. I have written funny things, I just can’t remember when.

If you are wondering, fish tofu tastes pretty fishy. But it’s oddly good, especially in this lovely ramen that the old man made tonight. Below the photo of the ramen is a photo of the creature who got up on his hind legs and ate the leftover ramen, noodles, broth, and fish tofu, from the big pot on the stove, all whilst we were watching the latest catastrophe news on MSNBC.

We are beginning to feel like twins even though we don’t exactly dress alike – he doesn’t wear earrings and I wear shorter shorts. Years ago, there was an older couple who lived in one of the downtown residential hotels – The Wisconsin, I believe – and every day they would walk down the street in matching Brewers shirts and baseball caps. And people would remark about how cute they were. I wonder if that’s what they’re saying about us? Of course not, who would see us to comment? That leaves it up to us to gauge what’s happening to us as distinct people. I would tell you but I’d have to ask him what he thinks.

What’s happening here in Milwaukee and probably in your town, too, is that a lot of people are facing homelessness. With the moratorium on evictions lifted, unemployment checks stalled in the state bureaucracy, and jobs just simply not coming back, single adults and families with children are running out of options. If you are in a position to help a local shelter or food pantry, now would be a good time. It is really rough out there.

6 Comments on “We Had Fish Tofu, Did You? Friday Round-Up

  1. the mask debate continues! i’m sure you remember how a crazed armed militia stormed our state house when our governor (that woman from michigan), held her ground on safely measures. people amaze me at times. for the sister piece were you talking about the ‘erma’ contest? if yes, i have been going through the same thing. i plan to be at the conference if and when it happens later this year or next.

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      • I planned to go this spring which got moved to halloween weekend, but that may move as well. can’t wait to go, and like you, I’m not much of a conference person, so good to know how it was.


      • There were a lot of people. That’s first. And a lot of seriously funny people who knew how to impart knowledge about humor. Plus, honest to God, there was really the spirit of Erma at the event and it made me feel like I was in her kitchen – an enormous one, but still her kitchen. If it happens, I think you will be glad you went.

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  2. I should tell you more often how much I enjoy reading your posts. How often I nod in agreement, or recognition. You have such a clear voice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. The same things are happening to my husband and I. Yes we are becoming as one and both saying we will never vote for a Republican again – for any office. And sometimes we get ready to leave the house and realize that we are dressed alike. Life sure has become weird.

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