In Flight

When we could fly and just look out the window…

Red's Wrap

It is a writer’s dream, flying high at sunrise. The plane is quiet in the way it is in the beginning of a flight when everyone is silent in reflection and hopefulness, hope for a good weather, hope for a great vacation, hope the plane doesn’t crash.

As soon as I write those words, the plane starts to jiggle, adjusting itself to new air, a new level. Stepping higher can be rough business sometimes and I never assume a flight that starts out smooth will stay that way.

I start each flight figuring it’s my last. I don’t pray to land in one piece. Instead I just give myself over to the fates. I repeat a mantra I made up thirty years ago the first time I flew after probably five years of swearing off air travel, the reason for the decision forgotten but probably due to heartbreak involving airplanes…

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3 Comments on “In Flight

  1. Love this piece, Jan! I flew for the first time all alone, as a teen to visit my grandmother in California. I wasn’t a bit afraid…of flying or of life. At that point, I didn’t know any better…

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