Gut Wrenching Friday Round-Up

I’m watching a guy on Alone plug sphagnum moss between pine branches of the shelter he’s building in the Canadian arctic. So now I know to do that when it gets really cold. I already knew how to pronounce ptarmigan. By the way, the guy in this picture eating what he called “muskrat wings,’ well, he got super sick from said wings. You just can’t kill a wild creature and fry it up in a pan without a meat inspector checking it first.

I finally finished Lakota America by Pekka Hamalainen. This is something that has taken me a month to accomplish and that was with skipping the very last part about AIM because I convinced myself that I already knew that part of history. That was dumb. Because I thought I knew a lot about American Indians before I read this book and I didn’t know shit.

The Canadian national bird is the gray jay. Along those lines, my new oriole feeder came today. It’s possibly the stupidest thing I’ve bought if you don’t count the giant jar of grape jelly I bought to fill it with. The jar was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap like an expensive lamp. Unwrapping it, I thought, “what a ridiculous indulgence this is” but I didn’t care.

We had a demo this week, albeit a wee one, to support mask-wearing. There were maybe twenty people with a couple handing out free masks to people downtown who had come to vote. It’s surprising how much attention even a few people with a purpose can get. Photos of the demo were on the second front page of the local paper. Not this photo where I appear to be contemplating dancing in the street. Oh well.

Today, I agreed to do a presentation on homelessness to a county town hall that will be conducted via Zoom. This has made me look critically at what is behind me when I am on Zoom calls – the stuffed lamb looking down from the top shelf, the Pearls Before Swine clippings on the bulletin board, the World’s Greatest Mom statue next to the paper clips along with the stacks of books and papers from where and whenever. I have time, though. I’ll study up on how to look professional.

3 Comments on “Gut Wrenching Friday Round-Up

  1. Hello. Leave your bookshelf alone! Just be who you are. If viewers don’t like it, that’s their problem. You’re such a rugged individualist, why spoil a good thing?


  2. Lynne is sending you photo of “green screen” she built for me. We should book Zoom call so you can tour Chilean glaciers, Budapest Parliament, beach in Spain’s Basque country and of course Wrigley Field for inspiration on your future Zoom calls.


  3. that’s a full week, lots of action, and i now know for sure that i will never attempt to eat ‘muskrat wings.’


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