I feel like the nightmare of Trump is soon to be over. I feel like the ship that is listing so badly that the staterooms are filling with water will suddenly right itself and the water will pour out of the windows back into the sea and there will be dancing on the deck. I feel like I should pick the spot where I will kneel down and kiss the earth. so glad I will be to have landed again on my home planet after having orbited unknown but hideous moons suspended in black space. I feel like we have a prayer, a chance, a way out of no way. I feel like they’re going to remove the bandages and I will be able to see again. I feel like I’m going to be rescued from the side of the road in the desert, after having wandered for days without water, and then given a sandwich and the world’s coldest Coke. That’s how hopeful I feel tonight. I feel like the nightmare of Trump is soon to be over.


Photo by Frederik Löwer on Unsplash

10 Comments on “Hope

  1. I am afraid to let out my breath until after the election. Now he is saying that the Chinese and Russians are going to grab thousands of ballots. As he does everything he can to have us question the legitimacy of the upcoming election I am quite concerned.


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