Marching with the Saints

Red's Wrap

I was okay until I saw a hand-painted sign that said:

We still need feminism

Because they still ask what she was wearing

And then I was glad I’d worn sunglasses.

It is an emotional thing to be in a women’s march with thousands of women, especially if one is your daughter and another is your daughter’s daughter. It can make one depressed that women still need to organize such marches and make such signs.

It isn’t over – the fight for gender equality. But a lot of things aren’t over. Racism isn’t over either even though the fight for civil rights has gone on longer and harder than the feminist struggle. What is historic seems to become genetic. It’s a wicked thought that these sexist, racist beliefs and reflexes are in our genes but I think it’s true. What else accounts for their mindlessness and durability?

As we were waiting…

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